Discover the advantages
of natural living

…for a holistic lifestyle

Do you need advice on natural building or building renovation? Do you have problems with moisture or mold in your house? Then please contact us!

How to build a natural building and what does it means?  

building selection,
construction methods, concepts
natural building materials

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.... the following is in progress, soon these topics will be used with exciting energy and enthusiasm..

healthy Housing

What does it take for a healthy indoor climate?

healthy materials
light energy
comfortable atmospheres

Natural Nutrition

how to get and grow nutritious and aromatic food?  

what is nutritious food – Alkaline diet,
sources of supply,
cultivation possibilities

herbalism & medicinal Plants

What does it take to live a healthy life with natural healing?

medicinal plants,
plants, plants, plants

everyday_Items and Specials

Here you will find useful things for everyday life and exciting special solutions made by nature!

natural care,
useful items,
technical tools